Our newest programme, Good for Staff, Good for Business is about supporting and providing  businesses with the knowledge and tools to allow workplaces to:

  • recognise the signs of domestic violence;
  • support and help employees (and clients/customers) who are victims of violence ; and
  • protect their business from the financial impacts of domestic violence while also providing safe workplaces for all staff

Making positive change for those living in violence is everyone’s responsibility. In addition to saving costs, businesses which proactively address the impacts of domestic violence on the workplace are also potentially saving lives.

Good for Staff, Good for Business can be tailored for the needs of your business and may include:

  • in house training for managers and staff;
  • provision of advice, information and resources;
  • assistance in developing policies and procedures which are appropriate to the workplace.

We also welcome the opportunity for groups of businesses to come together for training and support.

For further information about the programme and to arrange a free consultation about your requirements, please contact our Programmes & Promotions Coordinator on 372 9220.

domestic-violence-logoRecent research has estimated that New Zealand businesses lose $368 million a year in productivity from the impacts of domestic violence in the workplace.  

Those losses are primarily related to lost workdays, recruitment and retraining costs and lower productivity.

Domestic violence doesn’t stay at home when the employee comes to work.