growing togetherWe are able to provide our Growing Together short term couples counselling programme (six free one hour sessions) for couples who are keen to strengthen their relationship, explore underlying issues which impact upon their ability to relate safely and comfortably with each or rebuild after one or both partners have lost faith or trust in the other.

For couples who wish to continue beyond the six free sessions, we offer access to our couples’ counsellors at a low fee for each additional session.

We have both a female and male counsellor experienced in working with couples as part of our team.  One counsellor has particular experience working with couples who are impacted by drug and alcohol dependencies.  Couples may elect which counsellor they prefer to see and we will do our best to accommodate that (subject to the availability and workloads of both counsellors).

Most sessions are conducted with both partners in the room although there are break-out opportunities during the six free sessions for the counsellor to spend some time with individual partners to explore issues.

Generally, we will not provide couples counselling where there is ongoing violence in the relationship unless we are confident that each partner will be safe throughout the counselling process.

Both partners must mutually agree between themselves to participate in the counselling process prior to the initial appointment.  We cannot broker the agreement for the couple.  

Growing Together is funded by the Ministry of Social Development and is one of our most popular services.  Because we receive funding for a limited number of couples we may from time to time prioritise the provision of the programme to couples who have dependent children.

For further information or to arrange an initial appointment, please contact our Client Services Coordinator on 372 9220.