We provide a range of individual and group based services and programmes for women including:

  • Counselling to assist women who are currently living in abusive relationships or who are dealing with the effects of past abuse (including repeating patterns of behaviour within relationships);
  • Safety planning and support for women who choose to remain in, are contemplating leaving or have recently left an abusive relationship;
  • Protection order advice, assistance and referral for women who may require legal protection for themselves and/or their children;
  • Individual and group services for women who perpetrate violence or who are at risk of becoming perpetrators;
  • Group based education and support programmes to assist women in addressing issues of confidence, assertiveness, goal setting, making choices and expressing anger safely.

Individual Programmes

Counselling for Women

Counselling for Women

Counselling is available to women currently living in abusive relationships as well as to women who have been in past abusive relationships and are continuing to experience trauma associated with those relationships.  Between 6-10 sessions are provided by our female counsellors who have a solid understanding of the dynamics of control and violence in relationships.

For further information, please contact our Client Services Coordinator on 372 9220



We can provide advice and assistance in obtaining urgent protection orders, tenancy and furniture orders including help in preparing and lodging the court documents.  

We also connect women to lawyers for ongoing legal support and advice, particularly regarding parenting issues and relationship property settlements.

For further information, please contact our Agency Manager on 372 9220



Whether committed to staying in a current abusive relationship, planning to leave now or in the future or recently left, we are able to help women develop a workable safety plan and connect them with services  and resources to strengthen their home safety.  Further strengthening safety programmes are available for women and children who are covered by a protection order.

For further information, please contact our Client Services Coordinator on 372 9220

Group Programmes


Self Care

Theme: “Taking care of myself is respecting myself”

An eight week course exploring what it means to be a woman in today’s world.   Women explore techniques for improving self-acceptance, managing emotions and stress and developing effective communication skills.  A nurturing, interactive programme designed to help you participate as an equal in healthy relationships.

For further information, please contact our Programmes & Promotions Coordinator on 372 9220


choice & change

Theme: “Carefully observing what your heart draws you then choosing that way with all your strength”

Ideally suited as a follow up to our Self Care and Boundaries and Women Exploring Anger programmes. 

This eight week motivational course is designed to enable women to make empowered choices and positive changes in their lives. 

For further information, please contact our Programmes & Promotions Coordinator on 372 9220



Theme: “Anger is a signal worth listening to”

Ever find yourself repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour in moments of anger?  This eight week course gives women opportunity to develop new and healthy ways of managing anger (theirs and others) in order to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour. 

A programme which is “life-changing” and “powerful”.

For further information, please contact our Programmes & Promotions Coordinator on 372 9220